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―“I love Hope Beyond Hell; it changed my life. After 60 years of being afraid of God, I was finally introduced to the true God of infinite love, who is bound neither by time nor death; the Savior of the whole world.” — Dr. Terry Schwartz Prof., Wheaton College

―“Have you been tormented by the thought of dying? Do you know the anguish of thinking that you or a loved one might suffer in hell forever? You are not alone. As I read Hope Beyond Hell, I cried for joy. It assures us of a Love that never gives up on us no matter how miserably we fail.” — Charles Slagle – author of “From the Father’s Heart.” Evangelist

―“Gerry Beauchemin backs up his hope, not with fancy theories, but by numerous Scriptures and quotes from Bible scholars of many generations. Everyone needs to read and study this book.” — Richard W. Rundell, Ph.D.

―“Hope Beyond Hell is one of the best books ever written showing from Scripture that God’s judgments are remedial, corrective, and temporary.” — Dr. Stephen Jones, M.Div., D.D., Author, speaker

―“As a hospice chaplain for 14 years, I counseled hundreds of dying patients. In my experience, Christians believing in eternal punishment, especially in literal fire, were much more fearful of death than others. How can this be since Christ came to free us from the fear of death (Heb. 2:15)? Hope Beyond Hell gives a Biblical basis for total peace in the face of death.” — Rev. Boyd Purcell, M.A., M.Div., Ph.D. Author, speaker; Board Certified Chaplain and National Board Certified Counselor


―”The magnificent love and wisdom of God has not been written about with such clarity since the days of the patriarchs. I applaud Gerry Beauchemin for producing this important book. I have waited twenty-five years for it.” — Michael Wm. Gross, D.D., Th.D., Ph.D., Maryland

―”Everyone should read and study Hope Beyond Hell, a book of hope. Read it, understand it, and share its message with others.” — Harold Lovelace, M.Th, D.D. Author of Read and Search God’s Plan, AL

―”With great spiritual discernment and a heart attuned to the transforming love of God, Gerry Beauchemin has written a book that will, if you permit it, inspire love, peace, joy, and hope – all the fruit of the Spirit – in your own heart.” — Thomas Talbott, Professor Emeritus, Willamette University, Oregon Author of The Inescapable Love of God

―”I first learned, espoused, and taught the truths presented in this book over 40 years ago. Hope Beyond Hell encapsulates them better than any I have read.” — Bill Boylan, Ph.D., Author, Speaker, South Dakota

―”This is an excellent book. Many who attend the churches of our day would do well to read Hope Beyond Hell and to study and think for themselves.” — Bob Evely, M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary, Author of At the End of the Ages, Kentucky

―”Hope Beyond Hell answers the questions we have been afraid to ask about God’s unfailing love and inexhaustible patience.” — Pastor Ivan A. Rogers, Former Bible College President, Author of Judas Iscariot: Revisited and Restored, Iowa

―”As an instructor in Church History, Hope Beyond Hell is one of the most balanced studies available on the remedial judgments of God and the great truth of the restoration of all things in Christ. The author has done it in a logical, common sense way the average layman can understand. This is a book about the love of God.” — Rev. Terry Miller, M. Phil, Former Pres., Bethesda Mennonite Institute of the Bible, Former member of the House of Representatives, SD

―”Hope Beyond Hell is a bold and impassioned plea for Christians of every stripe to consider the grand proposition that God’s goodness, grace and love reaches farther than most of us have ever dared to imagine. Gerry‘s comprehensive research of the biblical record and extra-biblical sources is powerfully, even overwhelmingly compelling. All who read this book with a spiritual mind and listen with spiritual ears will receive a deepened revelation of Christ in God.” — Dr. Bruce A. Gerlach, Professor, College of the Ozarks, Missouri

―“Hope Beyond Hell is a must-read‘ for those who have lost their way because they couldn‘t reconcile a Bible declaring God is Love,‘ while simultaneously teaching that the fate of the sinner is eternal damnation. Layer by layer, concept by concept, this book will loose the bonds of insanity that has plagued the Church for centuries.” — Grady Brown, M.Th, D.Litt. Director and founder of Dayspring Bible Ministries, Texas

―”Hope Beyond Hell is one of the most concise books covering the subject of the righteous purpose of God’s judgment. The reader will see that God will not rest until He will become All in all (1Cor 15:28).” — Dr. Marian Paul Kampik, Silesian University, Poland

―”Hope Beyond Hell is an excellent and well researched book. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit is using Gerry at this very important time in Church history.” — Rev. Rod Walton CJ: Anglican Independent Communion, Founder of Bereavement Rescue, United Kingdom.

―“Hope Beyond Hell explains the facts of God‘s limitless grace and boundless love. It truly offers hope beyond hell. Carry a case to all funerals! This is the book I‘ve been waiting for!” — Pastor Robert Rutherford, Speaker, Teacher, Songwriter, Georgia

―”For decades I have questioned the need for and the justice of eternal punishment in light of God being love.‘ This is a well-researched book, providing fresh insights into the teachings of the Church Fathers, and difficult texts like Mat. 25 and Luke 16. Even if one does not agree with his conclusion, one does feel reassured about the extent of God’s love in Christ.” — Peter Kuiper, M.Div., Fuller Seminary, Ed.D, Nova University, CA


―”Hi Gerry, I downloaded the book and read it. It was one of the best well thought out books I’ve read regarding the true nature of God and his purpose for us. I lost my son a year and a half ago. I went to an evangelical church that believed in hell. But when my son died he wasn’t following Christ. The pain it caused me was unbearable. I cried out to God to tell me where my only child had gone. I begged God not to desert me, to please tell me where he is. God was so awesome and loving to me. He gave me so much comfort. The thought came into my mind, do you trust me? I gave all my pain to him and he took it, showed me how loving and kind He really is. I began searching intensely, almost ravenously to know the truth….I want to thank you for all your effort. You have been a true blessing from God for me. God Bless You.” Denise McDuff

―”Dear Mr. Beauchemin, How can I thank you for your book Hope Beyond Hell? It is literally the best book I have ever read and has changed my life in so many ways. I believe that God led me to your website while I was looking for the answer to a crossword puzzle about Dante’s Inferno. It cannot be a coincidence; this is my story.” Tanya Keil BC, CANADA

―”Gerry, I read your book and would agree with Charles and Robert that it is one of the best yet on this subject! I am a lifelong 53 year old church goer/ Elder who came into this greater understanding in 1999. It totally changed my life as I took the time to investigate the claims. Being a CPA and the analyst type, I wanted to be very sure of this topic so I spent thousands of hours doing research into church history and Biblical theology over about a 5 year period. Your book remarkably parallels many of my same conclusions which I ended up summarizing in 3 Books of my own.” D. Scott Reichard (Champaign, IL)

―”I wanted several copies of this book to give to my ultra religious friends who insist on believing in a God who would throw most of his own children, created in His image and likeness, into a tormenting hellfire FOREVER. As far as I’m concerned, Gerry Beauchemin thoroughly disproves this appalling church doctrine by supplying the reader with ample, straight forward evidence to the contrary. Original translations from the scriptures, writings of early Christian Greek scholars, numerous Bible passages and more, allow any seeker of truth to come to a rational conclusion. Is mankind going to be judged and then sent into an everlasting fiery torment or judged and sent into ages of corrective fiery lessons to learn? Read this book and then you decide. Hope Beyond Hell is a page turner for anyone interested in the subject of hell, but also a helpful study aide for serious students of the Bible. I highly recommend it.” Beatrice Schuller (Texas)

―”I was impressed by the author’s excellent research, organization, readability, documentation, serious theological and exegetical defense of Christian Universal Reconciliation. This ranks along with Thomas Talbott, The Inescapable Love of God, as one of the best defenses of this view available. Wheras Talbott’s book is philosophical, Beauchemin’s Hope Beyond Hell is pastoral. The authors head and heart bring the openminded reader to consider what may be the most important paradigm shift that can be made concerning God and the gospel. I cannot stop sharing the insights and ideas and truths that remain faithful to a high view of scripture and set me free from some conclusions I now believe are unworthy of the God I love.” Don Hendricks (Phoenix, AZ)

―”Gerry Beauchemin writes a compelling and very readable treatise on universal reconciliation. It is the most thorough treatment on this subject that I have every read, leaving no stone unturned. His format is brilliant: asking the question and then walking the reader through the scripture to answer that question. In a way that is easy to understand, he shows how mistranslations evolved, and then breaks down translations of words that have long been misunderstood. His appendices even cover material in more depth, but in the same easy to understand format. I have long been a believer in the absolute love of God – the real “Good News” – and highly recommend this book to those ready to consider God’s reconciliation for all.” Terri White (Cleburne, TX)

―”According to most so called Christians, the vast majority of all humankind will spend eternity roasting in hellfire after the rapture and the blessed second coming of their Lord and Savior back to this earth. How that translates into Good News, I’ll never know. Gerry Beauchemin is a considerate author who has gone to great lengths to document his work and that of many others throughout history. He has been involved in fulltime missions since 1988. He has served as a missionary in Mexico, the Philippines, and Senegal, West Africa with Youth with a Mission (YWAM), The Luke Society, and Philippine Health Care Ministries. Gerry’s book, “Hope Beyond Hell” traces the source of many of the unfortunate mistranslations that have caused much consternation for far too long. This is one of the best books on the subject that I have read.” Bruce A. Cook (East Bethel, MN)

―”Gerry Beauchemin has succeeded in rescuing the Bible from long misunderstood concepts of an angry and vendictive God. His research of scriptural language translation and interpretation is well documented so the reader can follow up personally to make his own decision. Gerry uses scripture to prove that God is completely loving and forgiving and would never condemn anyone to an eternity of endless, senseless torture. Thank God and Gerry for this enlightening book!” Janet Meschi (Laguna Vista, Texas)

―”There are several books on the subject of ultimate reconciliation. This is the very latest and in some respects up-to-date, that is, relevant to questions that come up these days. It is easy to read. The author, Gerard Beauchemin, starts with a question that has disturbed us, what do we say to people about life after death and the judgment that follows. He shows from scripture why we can believe that God will eventually reconcile all people. He also points out where the errors in Bible translation have crept in that had many confused for a long time so we could not see or believe the truth shown in Scripture. I hope and know that many will find relief that God is greater than the theologians have made Him. Anything else is insulting our Lord.” J. H. Tonn (Roseburg, Oregon)

―”Gerry Beauchemin has done a fantastic job of explaining the “real” good news that God will eventually draw all men to Himself. He has presented the scriptural evidence for the ultimate salvation of all mankind. He also points out the inconsistencies in bible translation that have led to the false belief in eternal torment. And he has done it in a logical, “common sense” way that the average layman can understand. Overall, it’s the best book on the subject that I have found. I keep ordering more to give to friends and family!” Todd Miller (Amarillo, TX)

―”I have read quite a few books on this subject and have found this one to be the best and most complete. There is also much information on his web site that wasn’t added in the book. This information along with the book and a desire by the author to keep updates through his website as more is seen and revealed makes this book and the information on his website a must read for anyone concerned about what happens after death or questions orthodox Christianity’s view of eternal punishment in hell.” Phil Larsen (Ladysmith, WI)


―”As an instructor in Church History, in my opinion Gerry Beauchemin’s Hope Beyond Hell – The Righteous Purpose of God’s Judgment is one of the most balanced studies available today of the remedial judgements of God, and the great truth of the restoration of all things in Christ. Quite simply, this is a book about the love of God. Thank you, Gerry, for making such a splendid work available for the perusal of the wider church family. Many will be challenged as they “think on these things”. Because of their traditions, some will kick against the pricks, but many others will come to “see” Him as He really is, in all of His Glory and Majesty.” Tarryl Miller

―”As I read Gerry Bauchemin’s ‘Hope Beyond Hell’, I cried for joy. This disarmingly simple yet full-bodied presentation of the whole gospel of the total restoration of all mankind through Christ’s cross was a direct answer to prayers I have prayed for many years! I have longed to see a book on this subject that is clear, easy to read, yet scholarly–and a book that deeply impacts the heart as well as the intellect. And I’m convinced that this book you are now holding in your hands is it! There IS hope beyond hell. We have a far better God with a far better heart and far grander purpose for His creation than many of the current Christian creeds advertise. As you read these pages I pray that our Heavenly Father will ravish your heart with His love as you have never dreamed He might. I sincerely believe God will anoint this book to bring His healing love to many hearts for many years to come. I also sense deeply that it will be a major tool of the Holy Spirit to remove the blinders from the spiritual eyes of many Christians and awaken them to their true High Priesthood calling as co-world-liberators with our Lord Jesus Christ. The church has not been ‘called out’ to go to heaven to the everlasting exclusion of the rest of the human race. It has been called out to SPREAD heaven and empty hell–to co-labor with Christ until God becomes everything — in everyone, everywhere in all creation. This is why the Bible says that the church is ‘the fullness of Him who fills all in all.’ This called out company has not been given the mission to be the fullness of a god who could be all in merely a few people known as ‘the Church.’ I urge you to read these pages more than once. Read this entire work at least three times, and have your Bible on hand to look up the Scriptural references given and ponder them. I promise you will be glad you did! I believe there is the STRONG possibility that you will be purchasing many other copies of this volume to pass around! ‘Hope Beyond Hell’ assures us of a Love that is greater than our worst vices and goes deeper than our most entrenched hatreds, fears and addictions. This book boldly beams forth the Healing Light of a Love that never gives up on us and never fails no matter how miserably we may fail. THIS is the Love that empties hell. THIS is the good news of original Christianity. THIS is the good news of our Wonderful Savior God that the world is longing to hear. And THIS is what the Bible proclaims as, “glad tidings of GREAT joy which shall be to ALL people. (Luke 2:13) All people.. Wow! This includes the very scruffiest ones, and this brings great hope to– Yours truly,” Charles Slagle, Evangelist

―”Friends and family listen to two preachers at the old man’s funeral. One of them describes the man as a saint who never did any wrong. The other speaks of an eternal torture chamber and suggests that, most likely, that is the current residence of the deceased. Which is right? after all… both preachers are professionals…. they both went to seminary. The family of the deceased needs peace and comfort… How will these “professional” opinions help them? How will each of them wade through this quagmire of emotions and doctrinal contradictions? How will they get past the monster of religion that threatens to steal their peace… and hope? Is there a book you could place in their hands that could, step by step… present the truth to them that could set them free?… give them peace?… offer them hope?… There is, now! ‘Hope Beyond Hell’ is the single best book in print that explains the facts of God’s limitless grace and boundless love. If you’re interested in learning the truth…. here it is! Gerard Beauchemin has, painstakingly, put together a book that truly offers hope beyond hell to every man. Buy this book in bulk and carry a case to all funerals!! This is the book I’ve been waiting for!” Pastor Robert W. Rutherford

―”With great spiritual discernment and a heart attuned to the transforming love of God, Gerry Beauchemin has written a book that will, if you permit it, inspire love, peace, joy, and hope–all the fruit of the Spirit in your own heart. A strength of the book, in my opinion, is that Beauchemin writes as a thoughtful layperson rather than as a professional theologian. He consistently addresses, therefore, the concerns of ordinary people in search of consolation and hope, and he records for all of us scholarly opinions that too many Christians, steeped in their own tradition, have never heard. He also illustrates why the standard theological credentials, typically earned in a context requiring that one conform to tradition, are no substitute for spiritual imagination and for a willingness to accept truly good news.” Thomas Talbott, Author of “The Inescapable Love of God.” Philosophy professor at Willamette University, OR.

―”I applaud Gerry Beauchemin for his excellent book, ‘Hope Beyond Hell,’ and for the courage to write it. What a thorough and splendid presentation of the TRUE ‘Good News’! Unfortunately, the so-called ‘good news’ preached in most churches is no good news at all, because it presents a God who is a FAILURE! He loses the vast majority of humanity to the clutches of a satan who is apparently more effective than He is. ” Grady Brown

―”Gerry Beauchemin’s book “Hope Beyond Hell,” read and understood will help any sincere seeker discover God’s mission and methods.If you want to know the HOPE, I highly recommend this book. Read it, understand it and share it’s message with others”. Dr. Harold Lovelace (Saraland AL) Author of “Read and Search God’s Plan”


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