The Flaming Toilet of Death (13:06 min) Peter Hiett, who pastors The Sanctuary Downtown Denver, whom I greatly appreciate, has produced a very powerful video of God’s fiery love. I hope it blesses you as it has me. You can also enjoy his video sermons on his site too. Please pray for him and his wife and team. 
About Tentmaker Ministries (5:56 min) Here’s a short video where Gary talks about Tentmaker–a library of great reference works.  It was invaluable to me when I lived in Africa as a missionary and it continues to bless me today. Gary and Michelle have become dear friends. Please keep them in your prayers too. How beautiful are the feel of those who preach the Gospel of Peace, who bring glad tidings of good things! Ro 10:15  
My daughter Nicole Beauchemin (3:24 min) speaks from her heart about what she believes. I saw the struggle she went through as she grappled with the issues of God’s judgment for herself. Her conclusions resulted from an extensive time of seeking God in prayer and reading the Bible and other material. We are living in exciting times. Today, more than any other time, our youth are facing up to the contractions in their faith and are seeking the truth from God for themselves. The internet age, with its easy information research tools, has greatly facilitated research in just about any field.
Hell: Has It Always Been Forever? (6:43 min) by George W. Sarris. Is there hope beyond death and even Hell? Yes, according to prominent early church Fathers. Watch this excellent high quality production on ultimate destiny. George Sarris narrates the N.I.V. Audio Bible published by Zondervan Publishers and also narrates “Hope Beyond Hell” by Gerry Beauchemin. He also wrote a soon to be published book titled “Is God Good?” It too is a book on human destiny. I read the manuscript and highly recommend it.
All of Creation (4:19 min) by Mercy Me  WORSHIP
Love Has Come (3:59 min) by Mark Schultz  WORSHIP
The above two productions are moving videos showing believers in a time of fervent and emotional worship of God.  If we, as the corporate body of Christ, would carefully observe the words we sing in our worship of God, we would quickly see the message the Holy Spirit is speaking through us. Are we not the living body of Christ? The words we express in worship repeatedly attest to the Victorious Gospel! Listen very carefully to the words. In fact, both these videos include the lyrics. Where is the threat of an eternal hell in these words? Are they not filled with hope, comfort, and peace? Do they not impart life? Let us not ignore the testimony of the Holy Spirit.
Comfort In Grief (7:05 min) Touching words from a father who lost his son. TESTIMONIAL
Lewis Soto shares his experience at the sudden loss of losing his dearly beloved son. He testifies both in word and in writing the glory of the resurrection and the confidence of knowing that His son was safe in the loving arms of His heavenly Father. If you or someone you know is worried or anguished over the possible eternal destiny of a loved one whom has passed on; perhaps you are afraid he or she was not “right” with God or “saved,” then I hope you will listen to Lewis Soto’s story or share it with someone who needs to hear some powerful words of comfort. In the Blessed Hope understanding of God, we always have words of hope for those grieving over lost loved ones.
Savior of the World (3:32 min) by GenMata
This very short video centers around a passage of Scripture that for most Christians is very perplexing. It is a text that, due to our Hell tradition, has been totally stripped of its meaning and robbed of the great hope it was intended to give us. In fact, I would say, due to its striking opening and closing remarks, it should be particularly challenging to every Christian. To those who believe in eternal torment, it should cause them to at least question the basis of why they believe as they do. And for those of us who believe that God will save all people in His due time, it should spur us on in greater efforts to share our glorious hope with others.
A Jewish Woman’s Journey (6:23 min) by Michelle Armirault TESTIMONIAL
In this short video, Michelle Armirault speaks from her heart how, as a Jewish person, she came to believe in God’s unfailing, unending love for all people. She explains her story through the lens of her Jewish background and how that affected her thinking. She is passionate about her faith and gives herself wholeheartedly to sharing Christ with whoever is interested to listen. She and her husband Gary have an internet ministry that has touched the lives of countless people all over the world including myself in the late nineties when I served as a missionary in West Africa. was like manner from Heaven to me. I greatly appreciate this encyclopedic website. I especially recommend their “Scholar’s Corner.” I list it also in “Helpful Resources” (under Articles) where I present a short list of additional resources to help you learn more about our amazing God.
That’s My King (3:41 min) by S.M. Lockridge – Igninter Media
This very short video has adapted the actual voice and words of the late S.M. Lockridge to music and images. He here presents an incredible message about the nature and character of our awesome Lord. Though God can’t be described with just words, this is as close as you can get this side of Heaven. Our Lord is an awesome Lord! He is the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD! May this video inspire you in worship and service to the King of all kings!
Every Eye Will See Him (6 min) by Randy Walterman WORSHIP AUDIO
I do not know if you believe that a song can be “anointed” or not, but I think so. If ever there was one in my life, this is it. I do not know of any other worship song that I have listened to or sung that has brought me to tears as often as this song has, especially when I hear this part: “I see a kingdom that never ends. I see a Judge now who calls sinners ‘Friends’. Who gathers rebels and overwhelms them with His mercy so He can dwell in hearts He’s captured and rules in love. He wraps around them a robe dipped in blood. His tears are washing their fears away and then He lifts them to see His face.” I hope you find it to be “anointed” as I do. Thank you Randy!
Internet Fire (1:18 min) by Alice Spicer
I believe we are living in an extraordinary time in the history of the Church—a time as revolutionary as that of the New Testament age and of Martin Luther. In New Testament times the Greek language had become an international language over a vast geographical area surrounding the Mediterranean world. This made it possible for the Gospel to spread over land and sea to peoples of many cultures. In Luther’s time it was the printing press enabling his passionate teachings to spread across Germany. He won the hearts of the people and turned the tide of the Church’s power in controlling the masses. The rest is history. And today the internet is doing the same thing, but taken it to an unlimited and global extent. We have a God-given mandate to explore, research, and yes, think and judge for ourselves what is right and true about our faith. (Luke 12:57; 1Cor 10:15; 1 Thes 5:21). Thank you Alice!
Jesus Savior of the World (3:48 min) by Jael Sister
The author of this video writes, “An introduction to why I believe that Jesus is the Savior of the World, not just a select few. This is my worship to God… a video collage of Apokatastasis [“gather together in one” all…Eph 1:10; Strong’s number 346]…Based on the Holy Scriptures and on ancient church tradition. It is not an invention of ‘New-Age Christians.’ —Jael Sister (You Tube ID)
May God’s love radiate through to the core of your being as you watch this brief presentation of God’s awesome, unfailing love for all humanity!  Let us bow down and worship Him! Thank you Jael!




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