Shall not the judge of all the earth do right? by Thomas Allin

“Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?” — Gen. 18: 25

This page is not actually an “article” per se, but a partial review of the book that has, more than any other, convinced me of God’s unfailing and ending love for all people.

Under “Helpful Resources” in “Articles” above, I highly recommend “Christ Triumphant” by Thomas Allin. There you can read more reasons why I recommend it and details regarding it. Here are a few excerpts from the opening words from that book which is now in public domain. It is no longer under copyright. The essence of his introduction can be fairly summarized in these words, “Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?”

Just one more point: “Christ Triumphant” by Thomas Allin, is an older work. It may not be as easy to read as our modern books. But dear friend, it is so worth the effort. In my view it is worth its weight in gold. May you read it and be blessed by it.

The following are the words of Thomas Allin, except for a few of my comments in parenthesis:

“The following pages are written under the pressure of a deep conviction that the views generally held, as to the future punishment of the ungodly, wholly fail to satisfy the plain statements of Holy Scripture…

The popular creed has maintained itself on a Scriptural basis solely, I believe, by hardening into dogma mere figures of oriental imagery…

Again, I write, because persuaded, that however loudly asserted and widely held, the popular belief is at best a tradition – is not an Article of Faith…

Further, I write, because deeply and painfully convinced of the very serious mischief which has been, and is being, produced by the views generally held…they so utterly conflict with any conception we can form of common justice and equity.

‘Why disturb men’s minds,’ it is said, ‘why unsettle their faith; why not let well alone?’ By all means, I reply, let well alone, but never let ill alone. Men’s minds are already disturbed: it is because they are already disturbed that we would calm them, and would restore the doubters to faith, by pointing them to a larger hope, to a truer Christianity.

It is said, ‘By this larger hope you, in fact, either weaken or wholly remove all belief in future punishment. You explain away the guilt of sin.’ The very opposite is surely the truth, for you establish future punishment, and with it that sense of the reality of sin (to which conscience testifies) on a firm basis, only when you teach a plan of retribution, which is itself reasonable and credible. A penalty which to our reason and moral sense seems shocking, and monstrous, loses all force as a threat. It has ever been thus in the case of human punishments. And so in the case of hell…

To the mass of men it (hell) has become a name and little more (not seldom a jest); to the skeptic it has furnished the choicest of his weapons; to the man of science, and to the more thoughtful of all ranks, a mark for loathing and scorn: while, alas, to many a sad and drooping heart, which longs to follow Christ more closely, it is the chief woe and burden of life…

Let me next show what this hell of the popular creed really means, so far as human words can dimly convey its horrors, and for this purpose I subjoin the following extracts… (I will not submit them here as they are perhaps some of the most shocking statements you will ever read. I would not do Allin justice to quote him on this point apart from His full introduction. So, please, at least read his introduction to his book.)

Awful as are these quotations, I must repeat that they give no adequate idea at all of the horrors of hell; for that which is the very sting of its terrors -their unendingness…

Merely to state the traditional doctrine in any form, is to refute it for very many minds. So deeply does it wound what is best and holiest in us; indeed, as I shall try to show further on, it is, for all practical purposes, found incredible, even by those who honestly profess to believe it.”

Note from Gerry Beauchemin:

Were you able to understand what Thomas Allin is saying above? Perhaps you had to re-read a few of these statements. Of course, they would be considerably easier to follow had they not been merely excerpts taken out of a larger context. I hope that by reading these statements, taken from His introduction, that it has kindled in your heart a desire to read the book in its entirety. At least consider reading the Introduction before deciding.

The above quotes have been taken from Chapter 1, “Christ Triumphant” by Thomas Allin – pages 1-7;  Published 1890. As said above, this work is in the public domain, and I can rightfully and abundantly quote from it without being concerned about plagiarism.

Of all the books I have read on the subject of God’s judgments and the afterlife, “Christ Triumphant” by Thomas Allin, is the book that has made the most comprehensive and convincing arguments to me. It presents undeniable and massive Biblical support for hope beyond hell. It has strongly helped convince me of God’s unfailing and unending love for all people throughout all time. I am happy to say that this book is now available on Amazon: Christ Triumphant by Thomas Allin Amazon

It can also be read or downloaded free online at Tentmaker: Christ Triumphant by Thomas Allin Tentmaker

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  1. Gerry, thank you for making Thomas Allin’s book available. His book, and your book Hope Beyond Hell, should be read by everyone who claims to know Christ as Savior and Yahweh as Father.

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