I welcome your questions, but I must explain how I will try to answer them.

1. Answering theological questions is a very serious matter. James 3:1 warns us that “teachers” will face a stricter judgment.

2. When I hit “send” in an email or other social media platform, I have authored a document that can take on a life of its own beyond my control. It may live on indefinitely in cyberspace. This is something I could regret down the road.

3. The topic of “Hope Beyond Hell” is judgment. And Paul said that God’s judgments are “unsearchable” and His ways (which are directly associated with His judgments) are beyond finding out. (Rom. 11:33). Thus, since judgment is the “unsearchable” subject of my book and website, I admit my total dependency on God in offering any light at all on this “mysterious” area of theology. Only the Holy Spirit can enlighten us in this. Please extend grace to me and to all who teach on the subject of judgment that we would be careful to seek God with all our heart and to not go beyond what is written.

In light of the above three points, I have decided to no longer give detailed responses “off the cuff” in emails. At times, I receive numerous questions and I feel pressured to respond immediately. This format will free me of this pressure.

I welcome your questions. However, I must answer them as I feel the Lord would lead me. He is my judge, and it is to Him I must give account. (2 Co.5:10). Your questions will be placed in a queue to be addressed as time permits. I truly appreciate your patience. I will address one question at a time. And when I feel comfortable and at peace with a particular reply, I will post it in FAQ (2) for the benefit of all. I will then send you an email referring you to my post.

By managing my answers in this way, I will accomplish seven important objectives:

1. It will anchor my data on my website. This will permit me to return to it whenever I feel a need to modify or edit a particular response.

2. Being a more meticulous approach, it will allow me to classify and organize my data. This will make it easier for you to search out the answers to other related questions you may have.

3. This will save me much time answering emails because too often I find myself answering the same basic questions over and over again; and too often I do so without any true consistency. But now, in this format, I can take all the time that is needed to answer all your questions prayerfully and thoroughly.

4. You will be redirected back to my website. In this way, you can read my replies in the context of my other related information on judgment. Since this is a complex topic when studied closely, it is important that we evaluate all judgment questions and passages in the context of the bigger picture of God’s judgments in the earth.

5. Since you will not be receiving an immediate reply from me, it will encourage you to seek answers for yourself from the Lord. He alone has the answers to all our questions.

6. It will motivate you to more seriously pray for me while you are awaiting any reply I may provide. I truly need your prayers if I am going to truly help people work through the difficulties we face when studying this “unsearchable” topic of judgment.

7. Finally, it will more likely lead you to take this recommendation to heart: Please read and study my anchor points to peace in Biblical Interpretation. I believe these principles, when faithfully applied, will truly help us all understand many difficult to comprehend passages.

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May God open up His truth to us all.

Richest blessings,

Gerry Beauchemin




  1. My only question comes to the Revelation texts. What is the Lake of Fire that Hades (death or grave) is being thrown into and other people that says “they will be tormented forever and ever.” Rev. 14:10 and Rev. 20:10.. Only places in Scripture of this happening…yet it is the text my “For Hell” friends stand on explicitily. Can you help me w/ this?

    1. Thank you Sherry. I am working on a new document that will address this. Please email me directly at the first week of August 2012 to remind me to send it to you . Hopefully, I’ll have it for you then.
      I am approaching your question in a detailed comprehensive way.

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