BOOK UPDATE SECOND PRINTING Sold after April 1, 2007, but before the latest edition (2010)

PAGE 19. Change “(Th. 5:21)” to “(1Th. 5:21).”

PAGE 206. Change “Mal. 9:13” to “Mal. 1: 2-3” and/or “Ro. 9:13.”


PAGE 48.  Line 5.  Ps. 115:3 (not 15:3).

PAGE 55.  Line 13. Ro. 5:8 (not 5:18).

PAGE 70.  Line 9.  Ps. 115:3 (not 15:3).  Line 10.  Ps. 66:3-4 (not 66:33-34).

PAGE 87. NOTE: Change the last paragraph to the following: Many think because they have faith, they are a cut above the rest of men. Not so. Faith is God’s gift or work in us : “Jesus…author and finisher of our faith”(He. 12:2). I believe a close look at these texts will confirm this. Mt. 11:27; 16:16-17; Jn. 1:13; 6:44; 15:16; Ro. 12:3; 1Co. 4:7; Ep. 2:8-9; 3:16-17; Ph. 1:6; 1:29; 2:13; Col. 1:12; 1Ti. 1:14.

PAGE 103.  Line 8.  Ro.11:32 (not Ro.11:36) NOTE: Add Jer. 30:24 to the list.

PAGE 114.  Title: “Every Knee.”  Reference (Ph. 2: 9-11) should be first.

PAGE 120.  Line 23.  Re. 13:8 (not Ro.).

PAGE 143.  NOTE: Add the following before the last paragraph. In addition, this “cutting off,” whatever it entails, is not unchangeable. Though God is seen as severe in breaking off the natural branches in Ro. 11:21, He remains a God of goodness (v. 22). For He promises to graft them in again if they will change (v. 23).

PAGE 144.  NOTE: Add the following after the 1 Ti. 4:9-11 quote.  The Apostle Peter as well, so far from supporting unending torments, offers us great hope! He proclaims the “times of restoration of all things” (Ac. 3:21), confirms all families (including each individual) of the earth shall be blessed (Ac. 3:25-26), declares God shows no partiality (Ac. 10:34), describes the Christian life as indescribable joy (1Pe.1:8), states Christ went and preached to the spirits in prison specifying the dead (1Pe. 3:19; 4:6), affirms God’s will to save all, and assures us that His longsuffering “is” salvation (2Pe. 3:9, 15).

PAGE 158.  Line 22 and 23.  NOTE: “Offend” should not be in quotation marks. “Offend” is based on the KJV, not the NKJV, which should have been noted. The bracketed “terrorize” is not associated with the Greek meaning of the word (in case that was assumed). Nevertheless, terror does cause a believer to “stumble” (NKJV, NAS, NEB), or “sin” (NIV, RSV). Such a horrific view of God has destroyed the faith of many. It maligns God’s character affecting negatively our relationship with Him – very serious indeed. Thus, I remain at peace with my use of the word “terrorize” in this sentence.

PAGE 180.  Line 28. “Call upon” should have read “Believe on.” I failed to look that one up. Please accept my apologies. Nevertheless, “calling upon” the Lord is one of many valid expressions of faith, and thus the truth has not been distorted. “For whosoever shall “call” upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Ro. 10:13). (See also: 10: 9,10, 14; 2 Ti 2:22; 2 Sa. 22:4; Ps 18:3) Also, please see p.87 in “Updates” Revised Edition above.

PAGE 186. Last reference. The first sentence is a typo of the last part of the previous reference. Please ignore.

PAGE 194. Last reference. Re. 21:5 (not 22:5).

PAGE 226. Third point from bottom.  Corrected reference list:  2Ch. 30:15; Ezr. 9:6; Jer. 8:12; Ez. 16:62-63; 36:31-33; 2Th. 3:14-15.



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