Shocking story from a 16 year old girl

I am 16 years old and I go to a private Christian school. I have been raised in church, my mom is a Christian and has been for a while, my dad on the other hand, may not be a Christian, I am not really sure. He was raised Catholic and now does not openly practice any religion, he believes in evolution but still expresses a belief in God. So who knows what his heart truly believes, but we have always acted as if he was not a Christian – just in case. My whole life I have been taught of this ‘eternal hell’ that Jesus is saving me from, and it honestly has been the single biggest stumbling block in my entire faith. I could not grasp the fact that God loved me so much, but was completely okay with my dad suffering in hell forever. I would lie awake at night in tears because I was so afraid of hell and … READ MORE

Melissa’s agony

Fear had been a huge obstacle for me most of my life.  During my childhood my mother was fascinated with horror movies and the children (including me) were permitted to watch them. She also taught that we only make it to Heaven “by the skin of our teeth.” I spent most of my childhood wondering what I had to do to escape Hell and make it to Heaven. At the onset of a thunderstorm I was terrified, wondering if Jesus was coming back and I wasn’t ready. My first steps toward salvation started with a prayer like this, “Jesus, please take my soul because I don’t want the devil to get it.” All this led up to the summer of … READ MORE

Cry of a mother’s heart

I have always felt that this was the time I discovered the unselfishness of God. Up to then, while I had rejoiced in the salvation for myself that I had discovered, I had been secretly beset from time to time with a torturing feeling that, after all, it was rather a selfish salvation, both for Him and for me. How could a good God enjoy Himself in Heaven, knowing all the while that a large proportion of the beings He had Himself created were doomed to eternal misery, unless He were a selfish God? I had known that the Bible said that He was a God of love, and I had supposed that it must be true, but always there had been at the bottom of my mind this secret feeling that His love could not stand the test of comparison with the ideal of love in my own heart. I knew that… READ MORE






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